Create snippets

Create snippets

In addition to supporting basic text, PromptSnippets also supports a more powerful type of snippet called Variable Snippets. You can extract the changing parts of a snippet into a variable, and then you only need to fill in this variable.

Variable Snippets

Use {{xxx}} to define a variable, where xxx is the name of the variable. For example, {{count}} defines a variable snippet named count.

You can fill the variables when use this snippet.

Variables also support default value using the {{name:default}}. For example, {{count:1}} defines a variable snippet named count, and the default value is 1.

💡 Tips: The wrapper symbol of a variable, which are set by default as {{ }}, can be customized in the settings.

Input Mode

There are two ways to fill in variables: Tab / Popup. You can choose the input mode in the settings.


When you use a snippet, you can press Tab to fill in the variable. Double Tab will select the next variable and fill in the default value.


When you use a snippet, an input popup box will appear, containing all the variables initialized with their default value. You can fill in the variable in the popup box.

Here are some references on how to write prompts: